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The child, the father and Money

Updated: Mar 1

She tells me a story about her father and about money, and I see within myself how it’s related to her soul’s lesson and to previous lives.

But we haven’t scheduled a Constellation session, we have less time, and I also feel that a meditation session for connecting to the Akashic records wouldn’t be right here and wouldn’t give us what she needs.

So how do we do it in a short time?

“Let’s work directly with the Akashic records,” I suggest to her.

There’s something about working with the Akashic records on a particular matter that in a single session brings all the energies from all incarnations (past and present) to the surface, and this can take less time than a long Constellation session.

We place representation felts for her, her soul, her father’s soul, and the Akashic records.

Feelings arise from the Akashic records: potential, heaviness, and tiredness.

She stands on each felt and examines the feelings that arise from it.

At a certain point, I stand on the representation for her father’s soul, mainly so she can feel that there’s someone behind the felt that she’s standing on, but I can’t stand on a representation without immediately connecting with it and starting to represent. 

A feeling of a very strong bond arises in me, as if we’re bound by a given energy.

As a facilitator, I know that feeling – it’s what a vow feels like.

I step off the representation and ask her to stand on the felt for the Akashic records.

“Is there a vow in the relationship between you and your father?” I ask her, and she answers, “Yes.”

We add a representation for the vow.

I ask her to stand on the representation for tiredness and to pay attention to what arises there.

And what arises is a story about a previous life, in which she was a girl and her father was her father.

We add another two representations: her, in that previous incarnation, and her father, in the same incarnation. The story that emerges there is very similar to her story in the present – of a weak and lifeless father and a daughter who’s full of life.

Family Constellation teaches us that the feeling that children have, that they’re more than their parents, is frightening. And as children, we often give up our sense of power and of life in order to not be more that our parents, and/or to heal them.

As such, we’ll make a type of vow such as, “I’ll give you some of my strength, and then you’ll have the strength to be my parent.”

And vows have a tendency to roll over across time and space.

The representation for potential teaches me that one of the reasons they were incarnated together in this life is to bring healing and change to what was created in that life: to cancel the vow, and in addition, for the girl to not give up her power for her father. This is a process.

Our first step is to release the vow from that incarnation, the second is to release vows from this incarnation, and then to agree to be more than our parents.

She stands on her representation in that past life, and understands the vow that she made.

She talks about the vow, then looks at her incarnation today and takes responsibility for the vow.

To see if a change has really happened, I ask her to stand on the representation for tiredness again.

She stands on it, and there are no unpleasant sensations here like there were before. Instead, there’s a feeling of silence and neutrality.

When that happens, I know a change has occurred.

Unpleasant sensations tell us that there’s a story here. When the story’s revealed, and the energy stored in it is released and recognized – when it receives recognition – the unpleasant feelings change.

Just before our time is over, we perform a small ceremony: sage incense to release of energy from previous and current incarnations.

More entanglements are released along with her relationship with her father, another step on the road to emotional independence that will lead to independence in other things in life.

The Akashic records hold all the information we need, and working with them creates significant deep self-healing work.

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