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Suddenly she feels that she doesn’t have legs

Suddenly she feels that she doesn’t have legs. Her whole body is there, but not her legs...

We’re doing trauma work – SE – and the issue we’re working on brings up a feeling in her of being paralyzed in her legs.

I get a sense of a previous incarnation.

I decide to flow with the feeling and I ask her to listen to me and notice if what I say to her resonates with her.

I take into account that she’ll think that what I say has nothing to do with anything at all, and that there’s no connection between these things.

I ask her if she had a previous incarnation in which she was legless or paralyzed.

“Yes,” she answers me immediately, surprised at herself.

And then stories from her current incarnation come up in her:

Stories from throughout her life about things to do with her legs, and about the fear of being paralyzed and of not having legs, which she’s had from an early age.

We set up a representation for the previous incarnation.

Just by looking at the representation, a whole story comes up in her that connects to the characteristics related to her in this life.

I love this moment – when you don’t need to be in a deep trance, you don’t need anything except your body and one representation to represent the past – and all the knowledge required from a previous incarnation comes to the surface.

We work on the relationship of the here and now with that incarnation.


Because we often carry traumas from past lives with an unconscious desire to fix them or heal them in this incarnation.

That’s basically how we carry that past life with us, and it affects us: Emotional and physiological phenomena are manifested as part of the soul’s attempt to correct what was.

The thing is, what was is what was.

That incarnation ended, and we cannot heal what happened there.

We can only heal ourselves.

That’s why we need to work on the relationship of our current incarnation: The client who is now sitting in my clinic, versus their other incarnation.

Previous incarnations that affect us “badly” are like cloudy days: We know there is a sun in the sky and we know it can warm us, but we can’t see it because there’s something hiding it and hiding from us the ability to be warmed by its light.

And when we reveal the previous incarnation – it’s like we’re moving the clouds aside.

Suddenly the sun is there, and for a moment we’re blinded and have to get used to the light again.

Where will the exposure of the previous incarnation take my client?

We don’t know.

But now there is less of a burden for her to bear, and more sunshine in her life.


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