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What happened to me when I stood in front of the Council between lives

I’m filled with a strong sense of unconditional love when I stand on my representer in front of the Council between lives.

How great it is to feel loved.

I don't want to leave. I’m willing to stay on my representer forever, but I have to step out of representing.

I’m the facilitator, and there are people in the room waiting for my instruction.

A moment before we continue – here’s a short explanation of the terms I use here, which may not be clear:

Dr. Michael Newton in his books: Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls talks about the fact that in the world between lives, we meet the Council.

The Council is a gathering of high beings – some have incarnated in the past (or are still incarnating), and some have never incarnated. They’re at a higher frequency than us, and their vision is broader and deeper than ours.

The Council helps us review our previous incarnations – what we experienced, how we behaved, what we learned, and so on. And together with us, it creates our next incarnation – the one we’re currently experiencing.

The way to get to the Council is usually through regression to this time (like past life regression but specific to the time between lives), or through channeling.

And I wanted to know – is it possible to get to the council without someone else giving me the information, and without me having to go through the process of being in a trance for one and a half to two hours.

Should we carry on the story?

I lift my hand off my representation, instruct everyone what to do, and move on to put my hand on the Council's representation.

How does it feel to be the Council? Endless love for Yael, happiness that she’s come here, joy.

I want to stay forever in this energy, but “my role is calling me,” so I disconnect and continue to guide the participants.

At a certain point, I instruct the participants to ask the Council questions, things that concern them in their lives. And I’m a good student of myself, so I follow the instructions.

The truth is, I’m so filled with unconditional love that I don't really feel like asking questions. Who cares about the Sisyphean facets of life when you’re filled with boundless love?

And yet I ask, starting with a question about my father:

What is there for me to learn from the fact that his lymphoma returned for the third time? What’s my lesson from this whole experience?

The answer I receive is that I need to speed up emotional processes within me.

My father's illness came in the middle of a very big crisis that I’m in.

If it were up to me, I would have taken a long time and idled through taking care of the crisis, but now I don't have that time to play with.

I need to go full speed on taking care of my feelings, my anger, and to come out of this crisis.

There is one orange representative in the Council, who to me feels the most down-to-earth, the most practical.

She has the knowledge of my personal development: what I’ve done so far, and what I have left to do.

I ask her what else I need to do and her answer surprises me: "You need to stop being afraid of your oversensitivity and start acting with it and through it," she replies.

I know what she's talking about, it's part of the process I've been going this past year, yet I still didn't expect it.

The Council's answers clarified for me the therapeutic path that I’m on today, clarified the subjects I need to put emphasis on, made it clear to me what it should look like and at what resolution to do it, and clarified that now’s not the time and place for procrastinating, as I so love to do. 

I step off the felts and the representers when I know more about my path. Now I need to help the people I’m guiding to learn more about their path.

(In the picture: me in front of my Council)

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