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Karmic Constellation training

A full training to facilitate and work with Karma and Souls Jurny

Learn to work with:
Karma, Soul contracts, The Akashic Records, and more
Through the tools of Karmic Constellation

Our soul is infinite. The knowledge it has, the experiences, these are priceless. 

Are we connected to our soul? 

How connected are we? 

What can make us connect and, when we connect, how can we use the knowledge found in our soul? 

And as facilitators and therapists how can we help others' souls to find peace?

What is Karmic constellation?

Karmic constellation is a branch that emerged from Family Constellation. If in family constellation, the difficulty in the “here and now” stems from something in family history, in Karmic constellation we look for the spiritual-soul history of the patient: What created the difficulty and the spiritual-spiritual ways to produce healing in the “here and now.”The work is done through representational work (not channeling), and it, depending on the subject and energies, includes within it work with soul contracts, Akashic Records, previous incarnations, and more. It is an experiential work, which combines work with feelings, emotions, and cognition to create a full integration in the client and thus create a change in the reality of their life.

Karmic Constellation works with different aspects and dimensions of the soul. 

In this training you will:

** You don't need to have experience in Constellation (Family or systemic) or previous knowledge in karmic working. 

You will learn all the relevant aspects of the work.

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The nature of the training: 

The training is both practical and theoretical. 

You will learn how to work with Karmic constellation for yourself, with clients in the clinic, and with groups and individuals on Zoom.

The topics of the training (start on 12/01/24):

  • The concept of representing in Constellation and Karmic constellation and the principles of Karmic Constellation. 

  • The Soul – the Soul's perspective, working with the Soul, entanglements of the Soul with the human aspects. 

  • Entanglements & Belonging - What are Entanglements in Karmic constellation, and what do we do to release them; where do the entanglements of the Soul and the issue belong in Karmic perspective?

  • Soul family - the way they appear in karmic constellation and the insight they give us.

  • The world of phenomena in Karmic constellation.  

  • Working with past lives (why? What is the purpose, and how do you work with them).  

  • Soul contracts - why we do them and how to change them.

  • Soul lessons – how to work with these lessons and change them.

  • Vows and Curses - how to work with them and cancel them.

  • Akashic Records – how to work with them.

  • Soul fragments - how to heal soul fragmentation in karmic constellation.

  • The soul choices of the order of siblings – way and for what we chose to be in our place in the family. The connection to our sibling's Soul, abortion/miscarriage from a soul perspective, and the differences between Karmic constellation and family constellation.

  • Meeting with the council between lives - who are the council and why and when should we work with them.

  • Closing session.

    It is 14 weeks of training: we meet once a week for 3.5 hours.

    You'll get a certificate for participation at the end of the training.


    Fee for training: 1,188 US dollars

    10% discount for early registration. 

    (Early bird ends on 31/12/23 )


     To save your spot and get a 10% discount for early bird, pay a fee of 150 US dollars: 



Training dates:

12.01.24; 19.01.24; 26.01.24; 02.02.24; 09.02.24; 16.02.24; 23.02.24

01.03.24; 08.03.24; 22.03.24; 29.03.24; 05.04.24; 12.04.24; 19.04.24

*There may be changes in dates.

Next evening training: May 2024

Who can join the training:

This training is for therapists, facilitators, practitioners, and people who work with Karma and want to gain more knowledge and new ways to work with karma. 

The training will be focused on experiential learning, theory, supervision (on issues you will bring from your life/clinic), and tools to work within your clinic.


Asset 12_2x-100 (1).jpg

M. H.

I participated in an 8-week Karmic Constellation (KC) training with Yael. It gave me the opportunity to explore KC work further after participating in a few of her workshops. The course helped me to understand essential KC concepts and to experience short practices in different formats. Yael is a dynamic teacher and it was enjoyable to be part of a small and diverse group of international participants.

Asset 12_2x-100 (1).jpg

Diana Glazer
MSC - C.B.T Psychotherapist

There is not a dull moment in the module (in my studies) for the karmic constellation, which challenges the familiar and the known at the upper levels. For me and for the group.  Yael created a safe container to intrigue and explore the unknown, leading the awareness step by step to the worlds beyond, in comfort, professionalism, and wisdom. 

I had the great privilege of learning from you and with you dear Yael.  My world has expanded, my vision is clearer, and the container is growing.  I say thanks for all the experiences, every moment and moment of learning on the journey, from which I returned full of gifts.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Asset 12_2x-100 (1).jpg

Belinda Bucknelliana

The training contributed to my understanding of multidimensional work and it taught me to trust what I know. It highlighted that what I already know is accurate and relevant and enough, and to stop doubting myself.

** You don't need to have experience in Constellation (Family or systemic) or previous knowledge in karmic working.

I will teach all relevant instructions. It is recommended to reserve your place in advance. The number of places is limited. 

The training takes place every week. Each meeting is 3.5 hours

Start on January 24 ends at April 24



Israel: 10:00 - 13:30 AM

CET: 9:00 - 12:30 AM

IST (India): 13:30 - 17:00 PM

Australia: 19:00 - 22:30 PM

EST: 03:00 - 06:30 AM

PST: 00:00 - 3:30 AM


The schedule of the training: 

Theory and supervision-demo summarizing and conclusion self-experiencing working in constellation with pairs or triads.

There will be breaks throughout the day.

To save your spot and get a 10% discount for early bird, pay a fee of 150 US dollars: 

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