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Karmic Constellations

Karmic Constellation

is a form of therapy that enables to heal relationships and, as a result, bring healing to the world.


Karmic Constellation is a method that uses representations of different parts of the soul & karma to learn about oneself.

By using representations, a person can explore, learn, heal and change their spiritual history, their soul's choices, energies, patterns, and beliefs with which it came to this incarnation, and works to untangle and release our soul's 'baggage': contracts, vows, beliefs, traumas, etc. and any other hindrances in this current life. It is based on the belief that we are currently living in an age of karmic change and that we can change the karma with which we came into this life.

Karmic Constellation is suitable for anyone who wishes to engage in deep soul work and with the Akashic Records.

It is for people who wish to generate change in their Akashic records, aside from knowing what happened to them in previous lives.

For people who wish to explore, discover, and even untangle additional layers in their present relationships.

Karmic Constellation training is suitable for spiritual and energy therapists as well as life coaches.

Prior knowledge of Systemic Constellation is not necessary.

How does Karmic Constellation help?

Karmic Constellation provides a solution to any issue where there is a sense of blockage.

Concurrently, it focuses mainly on our relationships with ourselves and with others.

Karmic Constellation Methodology

Karmic Constellation was developed out of family constellation and a desire to work with Karma and with the Akashic records. 

As part of Karmic Constellation, I have developed a therapeutic methodology that maintains the boundaries of therapy within Karmic Constellation without transitioning into Family Constellation, so that one may achieve healing for their soul in the process of working with their spirit.

Karmic Constellation may be combined with any other method.

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