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Karmic Constellations

Karmic Constellation method

Is a profound approach to healing, personal growth, and karma work.

This therapeutic process utilizes spiritual representations to help people heal relationships, release karmic binds, and unlock their soul's potential.

Karmic Constellation is more than just a therapy; it's a path to healing relationships and, in turn, healing the world.

This method leverages the power of soul representations and karmic insights to help individuals understand and transform themselves.

It delves deep into spiritual history, soul choices, energies, patterns, and beliefs that accompany us in this incarnation, all while untangling and releasing the baggage that may be holding us back – be it contracts, vows, beliefs, traumas, or any other hindrances in our present lives.


Here's a glimpse of what Karmic Constellation entails:

Healing Through Representations: With the use of representations, individuals can explore, learn, heal, and change their spiritual history. It provides a unique opportunity to understand the karma that we bring into this life and to change it. We're living in an age of karmic change, and Karmic Constellation empowers us to reshape the karma with which we arrived in this world.


For Deep Soul Work and Akashic Records Healing: Karmic Constellation is a powerful tool for those who want to engage in deep soul work and navigate the Akashic Records. It goes beyond merely understanding past lives and helps individuals generate change in their Akashic records.


Untangling Present Relationships: This method is perfect for people looking to explore, discover, and untangle additional layers in their current relationships. It's about healing the past and present, fostering deeper and more harmonious connections.


Ideal for Therapists and Coaches: Karmic Constellation training is suitable for spiritual and energy therapists, as well as life coaches. It doesn't require prior knowledge of Systemic Constellation, making it accessible to a broader range of practitioners.


The Methodology: Karmic Constellation was born out of a fusion of family constellation and a desire to work with karma and the Akashic records. As part of Karmic Constellation, I've developed a therapeutic methodology that focuses on maintaining the boundaries of therapy within Karmic Constellation, all while helping individuals achieve healing for their soul and spirit.


Versatility: Karmic Constellation can be seamlessly integrated with other healing and personal growth methods, offering a holistic approach to transformation.


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