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About Yael Eini


Welcome to my world.

My name is Yael Eini, and I am so glad to have you in my world.

As the developer of the unique Karmic Constellation method, I have been teaching it to students worldwide since 2019. My life's work is dedicated to helping others heal and transform through this powerful modality.

My diverse clientele includes managers, freelancers, parents, and therapists from all over the world. I facilitate transformative workshops and speak at professional conferences worldwide about the life-changing potential of the Karmic Constellation approach.

My training and education go beyond Karmic Constellation – my approach is underscored by a combined bachelor's degree in psychology and management, with honors, and a master's degree in family counseling, which contribute to my highly holistic method. Over the last two decades, I've delved deep into the world of energy, acquiring expertise in techniques like EMF balancing technique, Reiki, EFT, and more. My qualifications as a group facilitator in the integrative approach and as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) provides me with even more tools which I integrate into my teachings.

I am also the proud founder of The Systemic Lab – an innovative platform for the practice of Systemic and Karmic constellation.

With two published books – The Place Where God Resides and The Alchemy of Parenthood – and a third book underway, I strive to reach anyone and everyone with the practical and healing benefits of Karmic Constellation.

My journey is not just that of a teacher and therapist; it's a commitment to serve as a guiding light in the transformative journey toward personal and collective well-being. Join me in exploring your path to a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

My Vision 

Healing relationships with others and oneself, on a spiritual level - brings healing to the world.

This is the power of the Karmic Constellation - it allows me to realize my vision and reason for being a spiritual therapist – bringing healing to the world.


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Degrees and Certificates

  • M.A. Families Studies

  • B.A. in Psychology and Management

  • Certified Integrative Approach group facilitator

  • Facilitator and teacher of Family Constellation at the Israeli School of Systemic Constellation founded by Yishai Gaster

  • SEP - certified in Somatic Experience trauma therapy 

  • EMF - Electromagnetic Balancing technique 1-8

  • Channeled Healing

  • EFT

  • Reiki Master

  • Life Energy Therapist

  • Healing Teacher

  • Channeling Teacher

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