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About Yael Eini


Briefly about me

Hi, my name is Yael Eini. I am a trainer and facilitator of Karmic Constellation – a method I have developed over the last 20 years.

With Karmic Constellation, I have assisted therapists, spiritual therapists, past life regression therapists, family constellation facilitators, life coaches and others in enabling their patients to release energies, blockages and beliefs that were formed in previous lives and were limiting them in their present life.


I was struggling with an unresolved conflict for many years

I started my path in 2002 when I started to study all kinds of energetic healing methods.

Over those years, I have went and guided people to go into the Akashic records (known also as the Cosmic library).

But I always felt that getting into and knowing our records is not enough.

For me resulted are very important. I seek to help people in changing their lives.

So, getting in the records and knowing yourself without making a difference in one's life is not what I'm looking for.

For that reason, I have looked for a method that will give me the tools to gain results.

Creating Karmic Constellation was the answer to what I looked for.


My path for searching to healing and gaining results and my passion to heal family relationships and to heal one's heart have led me to study Family Constellation and Somatic Experiencing.

Family Constellation

Family constellation is a systemic method representing energy, sensations, feelings, and people (family members from all generations). Click here to read more.

In my work with clients in my clinic, I have seen many intergenerational transmission patterns.

I felt frustrated by my inability to solve these issues with the tools, knowledge, and experience I had gained up to that moment. When I experience a gap between my desire and ability, I always look for a solution. And so, I set off to look for a tool that would enable me to heal intergenerational transmission.

This journey brought me to a course that changed my outlook on life and made me feel at home. 

Somatic Experiencing - S.E.

S.E. is a tool to work with trauma, stress, anxiety, and more.

To me, studying S.E. was like finally coming home. Everything I had done intuitively before was now given a structured method, with scientific and physiological explanations.

After five years of practical S.E. training in conjunction with Family Constellation training, I felt that all my dots were connecting and forming a language that provided me with answers to the questions I had been asking for so many years.


The Constellation Lab

Now that I had a language, I felt I could explore anything. Since my vision is to bring healing to the world by helping people have a better connection to themselves, I started exploring how this language and the tools I acquired can help me in my endeavor.

That was the moment I decided to open the Constellation Lab.

The purpose of the lab is to investigate different phenomena, different methods, different perceptions, different processes, behavior patterns, different energies, and more with the constellation tools (representing and using felts of other elements to represent).

The lab is active regularly and provides fascinating insights, thoughts, and conclusions that lead me to answers and different angles on the many dilemmas on which I've pondered in recent years.

Insights and conclusions, I continue to explore.


Karmic Constellation

One Constellation Lab breakthrough that really moved me and I am very proud of was my research regarding the connection between constellation and the Akashic Records.

This research led to the development of Karmic Constellation:

Karmic Constellation works with representations of one's spiritual history, their soul's choices, energies, patterns, and beliefs with which it came to this incarnation. Based on the belief that we are currently living in an age of karmic changes and that we can change the karma we came into this life.


Purpose of the Method

To examine and discover our soul's 'baggage': contracts, vows, beliefs, traumas, etc., and to release any hindrances in this current life. (Click here to learn more about the method.)


Healing relationships with others and oneself, on a spiritual level - brings healing to the world.

This is the power of the Karmic Constellation - it allows me to realize my vision and reason for being a spiritual therapist – bringing healing to the world.


For information on private training and sessions, click here

Please go to my blog to learn more about constellation, click here


Degrees and Certificates

  • M.A. Families Studies

  • B.A. in Psychology and Management

  • Certified Integrative Approach group facilitator

  • Facilitator and teacher of Family Constellation at the Israeli School of Systemic Constellation founded by Yishai Gaster

  • SEP - certified in Somatic Experience trauma therapy 

  • EMF - Electromagnetic Balancing technique 1-8

  • Channeled Healing

  • EFT

  • Reiki Master

  • Life Energy Therapist

  • Healing Teacher

  • Channeling Teacher

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