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The Systemic Lab

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Do you wish to learn more about yourself?

Would you like to explore the hidden forces that rule your world?

Do you want to understand the themes, processes, and external and internal influences that impact your life and the lives of your loved ones?

If so, the Systemic Lab is the space for you.

What is the Systemic Lab?

The Systemic Lab, like any other lab, is a research space.

In the Systemic Lab, we work with representations that help us to explore, discover, and learn about the layers and processes that occur within us and that affect us, whether consciously or not.

The aim of exploring in this way is to discover themes, the energetic laws that affect us, and additional methods and tools that can serve us in the clinic.


In the seven years since I founded the Lab, my clients and I have researched a variety of topics from different content worlds, from various kinds of trauma (for instance, birth trauma and its impact on child behavior) to more esoteric spiritual topics such as biological DNA and quantum DNA.


Between this and that, we’ve also explored:

  • phobias and their connection to previous lives;

  • working with our astral bodies;

  • the council between lives (where our souls go and make choices for our next incarnation);

  • spiritual contracts with our children—the gap between the promise we made as souls, and its fulfillment in real life;

  • working with spiritual guides;

and more and more…


In the Systemic Lab we explore a different topic or idea every month.

Would you like to know more about the Systemic Lab?

How can you know if it’s for you?

If you like digging deeper and you want:

  1. new and refreshing perspectives;

  2. systemic holistic knowledge;

  3. healing or change in their perceptions and behaviors...

then the lab is for you, even if you have no prior experience or knowledge in this field. All you need is curiosity, interest, and a desire to learn and explore.

I have a very busy schedule. How flexible is the program?

The online Lab program is very flexible, with sessions held once a month, on different days and at different times. The workshops alternates between mornings and afternoons (Israel Standard Time).

Each session is three hours long.

To learn about the upcoming lab:

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