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"There is something unclear between me and my daughter", she toled me

“There is something unclear between me and my daughter. I don’t know how to explain it, but something in our connection isn’t quite whole,” Ronit tells me.

Ronit (a pseudonym) is an older client of mine and she knows both the Family and Karmic Constellation well.

We haven’t met in years and now she’s come to me because she feels that it’s time to clean more layers in her life.

We begin by setting up representations: for her, for her daughter, and for connecting with her daughter.

Ronit stands on her felt and looks at the felt we set up for her daughter, Lia (also a pseudonym).

She immediately feels that her daughter is a mother.

“Your mother? A mother archetype? Or something else?” I ask.

“In another life,” she replies.

Since Ronit is deeply connected to the spiritual worlds, we decide to work with the help of a Karmic Constellation, and she sets up representations for her soul and for Lia’s soul.

We can immediately see the connection between the four representations: Ronit, Ronit’s soul, her daughter Lia, and Lia’s soul.

This connection is on the soul level, is very strong, and there is love at its root.

It is clear from the connection that Ronit and Lia are from the same soul family.

It also means that there is a deep choice here—to reincarnate together and to support each other’s personal development.

However, despite the deep connection, many difficult feelings arise in the field—of guilt, blame, abandonment, and more.

I ask Ronit to add a representation for her and Lia’s shared karma.

She stands on this representation, and from it arise three incarnations of death.

Ronit sets up a representation for each of these three incarnations.

***In the first incarnation, there is a story of a couple—of parents who abandoned their baby girl on the highway. The baby is Lia, and the abandoning father is Ronit.

*** In the second incarnation, a story of forbidden love emerges: Ronit is a man in an order of men, and she falls in love with Lia. As the story unfolds, Lia pays for this with her life.

*** In the third incarnation, there is a story of death during an epidemic: Ronit and Lia are sisters who lost their parents to an epidemic. They are left alone in the world. Lia is the older sister.

Every incarnation contains a great deal of pain—and a great deal of learning.

In the Karmic Constellation, I give pain space, as it’s important to express it. It is part of what the soul carries from incarnation to incarnation, and it often determines our relationships with others.

We make the choice to reincarnate as mother and daughter in order to learn new things, but sometimes memories from past lives hold us back and stain the relationship with irrelevant energies.

I separate between the current and previous incarnations:

+ In the present incarnation, Lia is not the older sister and she is not the responsible one, it is Ronit who is responsible, and she is the mother.

+ In the current incarnation, Lia and Ronit are not a couple in love, and they don’t need to be afraid of loving each other. They won’t die because of their love for each other.

+ In the current incarnation Lia is a wanted, planned pregnancy. Ronit wanted her. She will not be the abandoning parent.

Thus, slowly but surely, we release the hold those past incarnations have on their present incarnation, and return the energy of the here and now to Ronit and Lia.

We clear the colors, clear the energies, and allow new energy to flow between Ronit and Lia.

The current incarnation asks for a different connection; one without losses.

Now this relationship exists and room has been made for love.


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