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Things I have learned from my father's soul

There are people whose spiritual goal, their life lesson, is to experience feeling misfortunate and a lack of love, to feel unworthy and invisible, and more.

My father was like that.

He lived his whole life feeling unworthy of love, and he died feeling the same way.

In the last three and a half years, particularly in the last six months, I tried to show him that he deserved to feel worthy, but he couldn’t see what I saw.

The evening before his funeral, my father came to me and showed me his karma and his choice in this life.

As a soul, he chose to come here and live a life that, despite moments of happiness, were mostly full of internal struggles , full of disappointment and abandonment, and with a deep feeling of being “unworthy.”

And he had to experience these things deeply,

Because at the level of the soul – real healing is actually the experience of difficulty, not necessarily the overcoming of difficulty.

As a therapist and a woman who deals with spirituality, this is something that, until recently, was difficult for me to understand.

In my experience, even as part of my credo, growth and development are the overcoming of difficulties.

The spiritual world, the world of personal development, and the worlds of training and therapy, all view overcoming difficulty as a sign of growth and development.

And it’s true, I don’t dispute it.

The perspective that my father’s soul showed me is that even a life of suffering in which there’s not much (if any) personal/mental/spiritual growth does involve great development.

Maybe not for the physical person but definitely for the person’s soul.


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