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I’m excited about the resources that the records contain for me...

I facilitate a workshop on connecting to resources through the Akashic records.

I choose to receive more knowledge and support from my previous incarnations who were writers, and suddenly I find myself in the middle of a battlefield.

In that incarnation “I” am a man riding a horse and holding a large notebook. His job is to document the battle.

I approach him to examine more deeply what he’s doing.

He tells me that his job is to record the battles, and that in fact he records everything the king does, and also sends letters on his behalf.

“Why do you do it?” I ask.

He answers me that because he’s educated and can read and write, that’s what he does.

And it’s not that he has many options – that’s what people like him usually do. They write for someone else, and they make a good living.

It’s not the first time that I’ve gone into the Akashic records, to meet myself as an author or as a writer in previous lives, and I’ve almost never found writers who wrote for themselves.

In ancient times, being an author wasn’t a profession. Few people were authors, and most of the writers were scribes. Their common denominator was that they preferred it to not writing at all.

And all those I met always had the same beating passion: to write.

In my eyes this is being content with little.

In their eyes it was a lot.

I return to that incarnation, of the documentarian, and tell him that I’m currently busy writing a book myself.

I ask him for a message and a gift for the journey, something that I can bring into my life and use to create resources related to writing.

He gives me his pen as a gift – a fountain pen.

His message to me is that writing is worthy no matter how it’s done and for whom it’s done, and that sometimes writing itself is the goal, not what happens with what you write.

The message moves me, but being a very results-oriented woman, I also have a slightly hard time with it.

I take the pen and the message and implement them in my heart.

This is a resource.

The workshop takes place in the evening, and afterward, I go straight to bed.

In the morning, after over a week of not being able to get up early to write in the morning, I wake up naturally early and do my morning writing.

As I’m writing this post, I realize that the message has seeped into my being:

Writing for writing’s sake is the goal, not what happens with it.


If you want to know how to work with the Akashic records for yourself and others, join me for


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