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What is the connection between karmic constellation and family constellation?

Constellation deals with lineages and structures.

Internal lineages that form structures.

Family constellation deals with the internal structure of your family. Things that are engraved into a family's collective subconscious and control it.

Karmic constellation deals with soul structures. Things that are engraved into our subconscious, our innate inner wisdom, and control us.

In both cases, you stand on felts. In both cases using representations works wonders.

In both cases, there is a healing process.

What's different?

The perspectives, the points of reference, what I seek, as a facilitator, and the overall perception. In family constellation there is linearity. In karmic constellation, not necessarily. Some phenomena that may be clear-cut in family constellation, may have a completely different interpretation in karmic constellation.

I welcome you to come and take part in a karmic constellation process of inquiry and learning.

In each session, we learn and experience more.


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