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What hide behind the feeling that she is fat and that this experience is not hers?

She came for a Constellation session, and her subject was "fat". Not obesity, but the feeling that she is fat and that this experience is not hers, because she does not experience herself as being fat.

We placed down felts: a felt to represent her, a felt to represent “fat,” and another felt for the message in this situation.

I then checked the source of it: Is this related to her family lineage? Is this related to karma? Does this have to do with the "here and now" - to the family she started, and her current life? Or maybe it has something to do with her life experience, from the moment she was conceived in her mother's womb?

We eventually found it to be related to the "here and now", and we started placing felts to understand what in the "here and now" is this related to.

Upon concluding the process, we were able to identify that it had to do with the sour relationship between her husband and her son, which produces harsh energy that is hard for her to cope with.

She takes the weight of the relationship between her husband and son upon herself,

she carries upon her the relationship and lack of positive communication between them,

and this carrying is expressed in eating.

If someone were to talk to me about obesity and emotional eating, I would probably not be looking in the "here and now" but go back to her childhood or her origins - as with almost any other session.

And that is exactly what I like about Karmic Constellation-

The ability to place down felts, and reveal things that are hidden and unperceived by the naked eye.

Not to direct my clients where I think they should go, but to let the field talk.

And when the field talks, things come up that we couldn’t even think of,

that shape our consciousness and our behavior,

without us even guessing that this is what they are doing.

The next day I met a friend, who felt stuck with her personal fulfillment.

As usual, we placed down felts and examined to find out what underlies this issue; here too the field told me it has to do with her "here and now",

and that her husband had a great influence on this situation.

She later practiced some ho'oponopono with her family in mind, and two days later she told me that she felt a new flow of energy.

Our blockages can come from many reasons – karma, lineage, childhood.

And sometimes they come from places which we never thought of-

our spouses, our children, our friends, and more.

Thankfully we have felts that we can place down and change things.


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