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Soul Contracts

In July, without even noticing or without meaning to, I have deepened my work on soul

contracts between people.

It all started at the Israeli constellation path conference when the two representations chosen to represent a mother's contract with her child and her child's contract with her, lay down and closed their eyes, and I interpreted it as "dead" (because that's what usually happens in family constellation).

It was only after the session that I realized that I had been 'hijacked' and I had forgotten that this wasn’t family constellation and that karmic vision suggests that something else was happening.

But oh, the conference is now over and I have no way of knowing what it was and why.

Lucky for me, I have the #Constellation_Lab

And thank goodness there's the Meet Your Soul course where one can continue to explore.

So what did I learn?

No contract has ever lain down to sleep, so what does this phenomenon represent or tell? I do not know yet.

What I did find is that contracts are often tied to past energies / loyalties / traumas (mostly from past incarnations).

And usually, when we place a representation for the incarnation in which that contract was created - there will be significant shifts in the field.

And if there are vows, they must be undone, otherwise, nothing will change in the contract, no matter what you try.

Have you had the chance to deal with soul contracts? (through family constellation, not with other methods).

Please share your experience so we may all learn from it.


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