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Is it possible to release or to “erase” thing from our past?

Constellation says: Acknowledging what is. It is impossible to release something or to “erase” something. To heal, we must give room for everything. Or, at least, to recognize it.

Working with the Akashic Records, however, proposes that it is possible to erase things. There is no need to work with everything that was in the past (in previous incarnations). It is possible to erase and release pain, loss, and fears, and, in addition, to replace them with energies of abundance, grace, love, etc.

There are those who will say this isn’t a contradiction.

For me, this is a bit.

So, today, in “The Lab for Family Constellation – Investigating the Akashic Records,” we examined this.

Each of us put felt for the Constellation perspective and felt for the perspective of KRYON, felt for the Records, and felt for herself.

Each person discovered different aspects about herself.

What was interesting was that all of us experienced quite similar things when we stood on the felt that represented the Constellation paradigm.

I learned from this session that there are many ways to get healed. There is no right/not right way, and there is no one way. (Yes, I knew this, but in any way, it was interesting to stand on the felt of KRYON and receive this message.)

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