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Is it clear to you how to make money to reach you?

I first did a constellation for money during my constellation studies. I do not remember if I was the client or a representative, but when they chose one of my student colleagues - Sharon to represent money, we were tense.

How does money behave? How does it feel? How in line is it with the situation they brought to the space?

Sharon stood up, connected to the representation, and said: "Hey, it's light. I'm here. You simply have to reach out and reach out to me. I'm available to you."

This discourse of representation of money - which is available and ubiquitous, comes up a lot in constellations about money—much more than a discourse of difficulty and heaviness.

When we represent money and understand that it is energy, that it exists in abundance, and that the discourse we have in front of it is never in front of the concrete money but in front of what it represents for us-

There has been a significant change in our attitude towards it.

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