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Have you watched the series "Another Self"?

After everyone has watched the series Another Self,

and if you haven’t seen it (yet), run to watch it on Netflix.

I want to share some (and yes, there are spoilers here for those who haven't watched it yet):

  •     The Constellation works magic! And yes, there are things that one session can solve, but one session doesn’t solve everything in life and not every session solves everything that happens in relationships.

  •       The facilitator, even though he’s an amazing facilitator who knows how to work with the Constellation in a magical way, is still human and also has family issues.

He, too, hasn’t managed to heal everything in his life.

This doesn’t detract from the quality of his guidance. It mostly makes him human.

  •      Our relationships with our parents are complex. It’s not right, and often not possible, to solve everything in one session. There is an internal (and an external) preparedness to the processes we go through.

  •       Secrets – when secrets threaten to be revealed, sometimes we’re willing to destroy worlds to prevent them from being revealed, and we’ll hurt the people we care about to prevent the secret from coming out.

Many times, the purpose of secrets is to protect the people in our lives (especially children), and when a secret “threatens” to be revealed, the person who has the secret may fight tooth and nail to keep it.

This isn’t due to bad intentions, it’s due to a desire and need to protect the person from whom the truth was kept.

  •      And more about secrets – they leave us behind. A person may not progress on their path of healing as long as there are secrets in their past.

  •       And one last thing about secrets – they can come up in a Constellation, but it’s better for them to be brought up (that is, to be revealed) in life by life.

A guide who is attentive to the field and to the person receiving guidance knows when it’s right for a secret to be revealed in a Constellation, and when to let life reveal the secret.

  •      The dead are a part of our lives all the time. The past is the present and it dictates a great deal of how we conduct ourselves in life and in relation to our relationships.

What insights or additional points did you find in the series?


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