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Hho should come for Karmic Constellation?

Karmic constellation therapy is very suitable for everything related to relationships.

And one participant is enough.

It is a beautiful ability to see why I chose my partner and what energy from my soul past brought me to it: For example, the partner abused me in another incarnation, and now I am abusing him back, a kind of eye under eye in a karmic perspective.

Or I am with him to heal the injury created in another incarnation, which usually fails because the damage then drives our relationship in this incarnation.

When we look at each other, we see eyes, nose, face, hair and set'.

But our soul sees more.

She sees the shared past,

She sees the connection points

And she knows what contracts she signed with herself for this incarnation.

The constellation-karmic work makes it possible to flood the contracts and soul lessons to the surface,

And just as important - fix them, change them and even release them.

The changes that karmic constellation clients experience, in relationships with their spouses and also with their children, are so deep and meaningful.

Want to experience it too?

Contact me for an individual session of a karmic constellation (with or without representatives).


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