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Constellation lab: “order in brothers”

What did we learn in the constellation lab when it comes to “order in brothers”?

If in the family constellation, the order is very significant, and when the order goes wrong, and the balance between receiving and giving is interrupted, for example, it turns out that the younger brother behaves like the big brother.

Then they quarrel and do not talk and hold resentment between them.

In our study, we found out, that there was no discourse of balance and order.

These are not things that occupy our souls.

The soul's choice of location is related to what the soul wants to learn. The arrangement supports the stage of learning since the learning of number 2 is different from the learning of the elder.

In addition, we learned that abortions do not have an effect.

Some of them were not related to the karma of the participants (sibling).

They came for themselves or were related to the karma of one of the parents.

It was possible to see which brothers were karmically related to each other and which were not.

In two cases, some brothers came to support each other in their journey, and some had completely different journeys.

Order in the brothers is significant. When I do a family constellation, it is essential for me to maintain or restore family order. This creates peace of mind for the client.

At the same time, I have learned that karmically, it is not necessarily what occupies the soul, and it is not what may create peace in its experiences.


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