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aggressor-victim roles does not exist in spiritual world

“Oh, you mean aggressor-victim roles,” he says when I explain soul contracts to him.

“No,” I answer.

The concept of aggressor-victim is an earthly-corporeal concept, not spiritual.

When a soul chooses to come to Earth, it chooses lessons and learning. You can call it goals, and as souls, we have all kinds of goals.

One goal, for example, can be to become proficient in playing a musical instrument, and then we’ll choose parents who’ll send us to study music and we’ll choose an environment that’ll support this goal.

Another goal could be to develop self-esteem, and then we’ll choose in advance an environment and a body in which we’ll have to deal with this issue. Because developing self-esteem means having to overcome difficulty – we may choose parents or teachers who will make it difficult for us, and through dealing with the challenges they bring us, we’ll grow stronger and develop self-esteem.

One of my own personal lessons is to connect more and more with emotions.

In my soul contract with my parents, their role is to support me in this way.

My mother’s role, for example, was to abandon me emotionally so that in adulthood I could work with myself and others on connecting emotionally.

In earthly terms, whoever makes it difficult for us is an aggressor.

So, in my earthly eyes I was a victim of my mother, who’s not connected to her emotions.

But in spiritual eyes, my mother’s soul took on a role for the sake of my earthly and spiritual growth and development.

In the world of souls there is no aggressor-victim discourse. There’s no discourse between a person who’s being hurt and the person who’s hurting them. That’s a discourse that exists only in the physical world.

The discourse in the world of souls, as I experience it, is one of love, growth, and development.

And sometimes, our aggressor in this world is our best friend in the soul world.

And when we manage to see beyond the hurt, the lesson, and the learning –something inside us opens, expands, and can contain the experiences we have and grow from them.


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