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Will my father heal from his cancer? Can constellation help?

In June 2019 a colleague of mine and I had a Family Constellation session about my father.

He was hospitalized and the doctors did not know what he had.

I tried, through constellation work, to see if I could get clarity about what he had (spoiler alert - I couldn't).

Two issues came up – a valve infection and cancer. Both were never mentioned by the doctors but were somewhat 'in the air'.

We placed felts for my dad, his heart, his valve, the infection, cancer, his immune system, my dad's twin who passed away when my dad was a year and a half old and a few other felts.

I don't remember much of that session.

I only remember that when we placed a felt for cancer, the immune system immediately spoke up and said something like: "That's irrelevant" or "It's unimportant" (my colleague stood on the immune system, she might remember better).

This session left me with more questions than answers - it felt much more cognitive than emotional. Reflecting more what I wanted rather than the truth. I didn’t believe the immune system when it talked about my dad's cancer.

At the same time, that session gave me strength.

Eventually my dad had open heart surgery. He had a faulty valve and no infection.

Then he was diagnosed with cancer (a rare type - one in a million).

Through this entire time (which was extremely harsh and very reflective of Family Constellation - but that’s a different story) - I kept remembering that session.

Yesterday we were told that our dad was finally cancer free.

What had happened in the session – happened in reality. Even when the session seemed to be entirely from the mind and not from the heart.

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