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Why you feel stuck in your life ?

Many people do not understand why they feel stuck in life and fail to move forward and achieve meaningful goals.

This often happens due to wounds from previous incarnations, which they carry with them in this life as well.

These wounds can be healed, strengthened, and developed through Karmic constellation work.

Want an example?

I worked on healing my wounds from previous incarnations: shaman-related wounds.

I put:

Representation to me in this incarnation,

Representation to the shaman, who I was in a previous life,

And a representation of the pain of the shaman, which accompanies the soul to this day - of my incarnation.

When I stood on the shaman, I saw that he had made mistakes that led to the war. It was a brutal war in which all the tribe members were killed, including the shaman.

I experienced significant pain, unbearable pain. The shaman could not forgive himself, blaming himself for his mistakes.

The representation of "I" could not move.

The representation of the "shaman" could not move.

The pain could not move.

I brought a representation for "what can cure pain."

Suddenly I saw all the warriors who died in this war. There was no anger in them, no pain in them.

They were full of compassion.

The representation of "I" managed to move,

The representation of "pain" could have moved,

And finally, the shaman moved to stand with all the dead warriors.

He found forgiveness and peace.

So I brought a representation to the "Perspective of the Soul."

This representation spoke to the representation of "I" - that is, with me, about responsibility and that I should not take my life so seriously.

I felt more connected.

I, in my previous life as a shaman, found peace.

I, in this life, have gained greater peace through connecting to my previous memories, taking the good out of them, and healing the pain.

I felt great peace in being me.

In the therapy of Karmic Constellation, it is possible to heal wounds and pains from previous incarnations and improve our lives here.


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