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Why should you learn Karmic Constellation or come for personal sessions?

To answer this question I would like first to tell you why I have developed this method.

For years, I have felt that we can work with our karma and change it, access the Akashic Records – the cosmic library and generate change in our lives, but I didn’t know how.

Yes, there’s guided imagery, in which I'm very much experienced, and then there’s past life regression in which I’m pretty good as well.

But, truth be told, it always felt like "wow" in the moment, and then I went back to my normal life and nothing had changed.

I had plenty of insights but no change.

I was so frustrated that I completely relinquished it.

I stopped meditating and any engagement with guided imagery and the Akashic Records, and turned to a different path.

This path, once I’ve mastered it, led me to develop Karmic Constellation.

Suddenly I found a way to make the work tangible – not just to acquire knowledge and see things but to actually experience them.

Not only to access the Akashic Records in my mind, but to be the Akashic Records, to make an impact on my karma out of awareness and consciousness, and be in control as a client.


To me, Karmic Constellation is not another tool in my toolbox – it's what I have been looking for myself and for my clients, to generate sustainable change in their lives.

Not only to gain insights but to experience actual change.

So if you’re in for a true change in life, quickly and easily, through work with Karma – look no further than Karmic Constellation.

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