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Why I can never answer the question "but how does it work?"

Karmic Constellation is a therapy method that I have developed in recent years, and I am often asked the same question - "But how does it work? Is it just one session? Numerous sessions? Do I need to practice at home"?

'These are all really good questions, I always think to myself. 'How does it work?"

In one of the sessions I facilitated, my client wished to release unhealthy energies from her relationship.

Unhealthy relationships often stem from several past lives and carry an energy of failure that accumulates from one past life to another.

So theoretically, we may go over and address all relevant past lives, but this may require too many sessions.

Conversely, we may use a felt to represent and address the most significant past life, or the one in which occurred the trauma that led to the current relationship looking the way it does.

This method clears and sorts out everything that needs to be resolved for this life, and so one session may often be enough.

However, we may sometimes be facing an issue with something or someone, that is much more complex: parenting, relationships – especially with children. issues of self-expression, fulfillment, and more. These are issues that may contain more underlying issues.

For example self-fulfillment for a mother – this has to do with parenting and maybe relationships as well; all of which may be addressed and sorted out in a single session because they have one underlying basis, but often, to resolve all of these, it requires more than one session.

So I don't really have a decisive answer to the question "how does it work".

I can only say that it is healing and liberating.

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