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When were you born?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Is the order of birth important?

Why and for whom is it important?

Already long before Constellation, psychologists such as Adler defined the significance of the order of birth and every child’s role within that order.

Family Constellation also regards the order of birth as significant.

When setting the felt/representations, it is possible to see whether the order in the family is “sound” or “flawed.” When the order is flawed – the relationships within the family are also flawed.

What comprises a flawed order?

For example, when a boy is born after two girls and the parents relate toward him as if he is the firstborn—this creates a flaw in the family.

As when there is an abortion that is not related to the order of birth.

And more.

While doing a family constellation, one can restore order to create a balance in family energy


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