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What were you in your previous incarnation - a horse or a fox

When it comes to reincarnation, there are many beliefs. The Druze, for example, believe they roll only as Druze. Buddhists believe that there can be animals in incarnations. And some say that animals and humans are different energies - different souls. An animal's soul is not a human soul, and there is no mixing in these incarnations.

The truth is, I have no regulated opinion on this matter.

Many years ago, when I worked with regression therapy, one of my clients saw herself in a previous incarnation - in the form of a horse.

I preferred going with what my clients see about their past lives than with my or others' philosophies.

Then I discovered that even in a Karmic constellation, which deals with previous incarnations (only without the trance),

Incarnations of animals, and even of inanimate objects, arrive.

You will say, perhaps, that the person is inventing all kinds of ideas.

On this statement that a person invents things or imagines things, I have two things to say:

First - even if it is, it is a metaphor. It is the subconscious way to deal with things and convey a message to us. So I work with what is there and what the client needs to move forward in his life.

Second, the representation experience is so powerful that I tend to believe it.

So if someone tells me he feels like a stone or like a tree, or like a falcon, or a fox, or a horse (all real cases I have had), who am I to tell him "you are wrong"?

What matters is the movement and change that happens to the client.

So were we in our previous lives animals or objects?

I still do not know.

I know that it has meaning when it comes to the Karmic constellation; there is a reason why it came up.

And with the meaning and reason it came up, I work.

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