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What happens when everyone wants attention at the same time, and how can this be resolved in therapy

In a class I taught as part of the Karmic Constellation training, we dealt with soul lessons.

A student asked to address an issue that was bothering her: willingness to stand in the spotlight.

We chose representations – one for the spotlight and one for the soul lesson that’s associated with it.

When we got to a previous life, we got a glimpse of the thing that caused her difficulty:

There was a curse, an unborn child, and an angry lover.

Then something intriguing emerged, which caused a bit of a "blockage" in the session -

Each of the participants (the representations) wanted the soul lesson to look at them.

Constellation, whether karmic or family, ultimately deals with relationships.

And in relationships, we all want to be in the spotlight in one way or another.

Because being in the spotlight means we're at the center of everything – its means that all eyes are on us and that we matter.

And there are moments in life where each and every one of us wishes to be at the center and enjoy the attention: A baby wants to be in the spotlight of their parents, life partners want to be in each other's spotlight, we want to be appreciated at work...

(you know that feeling, right?)

So since most of us are to some degree preoccupied with the issue of being at the center or in the spotlight, and since each of us has their own lesson to learn – everyone wanted to take part in that client’s lesson.

There are many interpretations of this matter and many ways to take your place at the center of things or in the spotlight.

So I asked the soul lesson to say to the field that it sees that everyone wants a part of it, but each of them has their own lesson and that it belongs to the client’s soul and not to all of them who are present there.

That blockage I mentioned was then immediately gone.

The unborn child felt that they no longer belonged to that story, the angry partner walked away, and the soul lesson moved to stand close to the client’s soul.

Even when we are dealing with karma, we are dealing with people and relationships.

We have certainly evolved over thousands of years of being human, but relationships, complex as they may be, still rely on the same basic things: a sense of belonging, being seen, loved, and listened to.

And when any of these are deficient – the field is out of balance.

Therefore my goal, as a Karmic Constellation facilitator, is to produce clarity in the previous life’s field, to acknowledge what went wrong and release it from the "here and now" – in this life.

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