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What happend in my past life?

During a past life regression workshop, I see myself in a previous incarnation: I’m a man in America during the time of the wagon trains, and I’m responsible for escorting the wagon train and for its security.

They decide to stop in an exposed spot and set up camp there, and their decision is in stark contrast to my opinion. The view is beautiful, but I don’t feel at ease.

I know that they’ll be attacked. I know that they’ll be killed.

But they don't listen to me. As I expected, they’re attacked, perhaps by Indians, and most of them are murdered.

I couldn’t protect them.

I’m ridden with guilt, even though I repeatedly warned them of the risk to their lives.

The past life we encounter when working on recalling previous incarnations is significant in this life to our experiences and to the things that we’re dealing with at this moment.

Something from that previous incarnation is entangled with or affecting our current lifetime.

So, what is this thing?

Among other things, karma deals with the experience of the whole.

If every coin has two sides, then the soul wants to experience both sides.

If, in a previous life, I failed to protect people, in another incarnation, people will not be able to protect me.

For me, that is this incarnation.

The desire to be part of a community and the feeling that the community is failing to protect me (I grew up on a kibbutz) is the other side of the coin in which I, in that previous incarnation, failed to protect my community.

How does this understanding heal us? It does so through our understanding of the choice we made.

Instead of taking an approach such as “The kibbutz did that to me,”, which is the perception of a victim, I understand that I made a choice.

I, as a soul, chose to feel unprotected, and that’s not an easy choice to make.

However, as soon as I see this choice clearly, something in me calms down. I can let go.

Now healing can enter: It can enter the pain from this incarnation, and the feelings of guilt from the previous incarnation.

I invite you to look into your life and search within yourself for where you have the perception of a victim and see if you are able to change this perception to one of “I chose.”


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