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The wisdom of the Grandmothers

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

In ancient cultures, grandmothers represented absolute wisdom.

They were the ones who saw everything, experienced everything and therefore knew exactly how to behave and how to handle any situation. Back then, if you wanted to connect with ancient knowledge, with ancient wisdom, you had to go and see a grandmother.

Things are different now.

Now, you can look within.

As an eternal soul – we can tap into this grandmother wisdom through the Akashic Records.

Let's take the COVID-19 epidemic for instance.

Throughout history, and in the last century in particular, mankind has suffered a number of epidemics ranging from the Spanish Flu, which claimed some 75 million lives, to the swine flu about a decade or less ago. Third world countries still have raging epidemics.

And these are not the only epidemics we have experienced as souls.

At the same time, as human beings in this incarnation, we have not necessarily experienced these epidemics first hand. Thinking about my own grandmothers – these past epidemics were probably far from their lives. Therefore, to get knowledge and experience about epidemics we can't go back to our grandmothers and draw it from them because they haven't experienced epidemics personally and are therefore inexperienced in the subject.

The good news is that we don't have to.

Within us, we can find the Akashic Records that hold all the knowledge and experience of how to successfully overcome epidemics, and also all the knowledge and experience of how to deal with them badly and die in masses.

And all this knowledge, that’s within us, is accessible to us.


Simply tap into the Akashic records and get the information from them, and when the knowledge goes from the unconscious to the conscious - we can use it for self-resilience.

We all have grandmothers, who hold knowledge of healing.

We just need to connect with them and ask for their wisdom.

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