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The significance of getting the terms and words right

The more I become involved in Karmic Constellation, and especially the more I teach abroad, the more I realize the significance of getting the terms and words right.

When we say "father" or "mother", our counterpart usually has a clear idea of who we're referring to (although I have been asked "should I place a representation for my biological mother or the nanny who actually raised me?", or the biological mother versus the adoptive mother. But these were rare exceptions).

In contrast, when we say karma, soulmates, soul, spirit, vows, etc. (terms I teach about), the concepts differ from person to person.

When I mention karma to a person who's engaged in Buddhism, they will perceive it differently than a person who studies Kabbalah, and very differently from a person who is less engaged in spirituality.

Different people; different cultures; different perceptions.

When I say 'vow' - I have my own perception of what a vow is. A perception I acquired as an energy therapist, as a Jew, and as a facilitator of Karmic Constellation.

But when others think of a vow, they may have a very different perception of this term.

I've found that in Karmic Constellation, especially when I teach, it is very important to examine my students' perceptions regarding different subjects, as well as the perception of their representations.

For example, in the first session, we had an exercise.

One of the representations suddenly said: Wow, I see the time is now 23:23.

For me, as Yael, this means synchronicity.

When I asked her what it meant to her, as a representation, she said that it meant that 'the portal is open.

In this case, I, as a facilitator, must put my perceptions aside and embrace the perceptions of the representation or client.

This is also true for Family Constellation, in which we facilitators must put our perceptions and ideas about what is happening in the field aside, and remain as 'clean' as possible.

At the same time, I find that in Karmic Constellation I must be more attentive to the words and meanings, not only on my part but especially the ones used by clients and representations, making sure not to casually interpret things that simply seem obvious, especially when it comes to concepts from the world of karma and spirit. Synchronicity brings to mind a certain concept while an open portal provides an entirely different association.

This place where cultures, beliefs, and religions intersect and meet, is amazing and it requires deep listening, letting go of what we know, embracing our counterpart's perception, and using it.

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