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The past that made me paralyzed

Ever since I started my journey in energy healing, every time I approached something powerful – I became paralyzed with fear.

At some point, I realized that I was afraid of the sorcerer (not a witch) I once was—a sorcerer who had tremendous powers but has misused them.

Somewhere in me - energy powers meant abuse of power.

The beauty of karmic constellation is that it can get you there. I can go to that sorcerer in that past incarnation and generate healing that will reflect in this incarnation.

Such healing will allow me to approach my powers without fear of abuse.

Healing that will free me from this incarnation and other incarnations that hold similar energies.

Healing and recalling.

Recalling incarnations where I brought healing to the world. Recalling incarnations where the healer in me used her power wisely.

Karmic constellation allows me to reach these places and change the energy and my karma.


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