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the hollow of the sling

Within the framework of the Karmic Constellation, I happened to come across several times souls who’d passed through the hollow of the sling.

The hollow of the sling is a concept in Kabbalah, or rather—it is a description of the place where souls who have done bad deeds go, before they reach the world of souls.

There are all kinds of stories and descriptions about what happens there: re-education, in-depth treatment of wounds and traumas, and more.

I don’t know if it’s a place that exists or not.

In the Karmic Constellation, the place appeared in sessions in which the soul did have reincarnations, during which it did bad deeds and enjoyed them, such as murder for murder’s sake, torture for pleasure, and so on. The soul then decided that it wanted to undergo a change and be on the “good” side of humanity.

In such a case, we have the soul “before” and the soul “after,” there is the soul’s memory of “before” and there’s the soul’s fear of returning and being bad.

But more than that –

A soul that chooses to make amends for a life full of “evil,” chooses in advance a life in which it’ll experience difficulty, a life in which it’ll experience a lot of pain and vulnerability.

This, because after many incarnations in which the soul hurt others and was merciless and impervious to the other’s pain, it now needs to learn what it means to be vulnerable and how it feels to suffer and to be helpless.

These are not simple lessons to go through.

From what I find in the Karmic Constellation, the hollow of the sling is a kind of transit station—from the style and pattern of certain incarnations to the style and pattern of completely different incarnations.

It’s not a punishment, it’s a choice.

And when the soul reincarnates into a difficult incarnation, it chooses to do so in order to become refined and purified.


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