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The difference between Karmic Constellation to guided imagery, meditation or past life regression

One of the questions I get asked a lot, regarding Karmic Constellation, is: "What is the difference between this and guided imagery, meditation, or past life regression when accessing the Akashic Records, and do we reach the time between reincarnations, as in the books Journey Of Souls and Many Lives Many Masters?"

Guided imagery, meditation, and past life regression are done with eyes closed, in a kind of trance state.

In guided imagery, which is a tool I use a lot, I as a facilitator take the guided person to the Akashic Records. I don’t tell them what to see, but allow them to see or feel things.

Guided imagery, relies heavily on inner vision and imagination.

In meditation, if it is done alone - the meditator leads themselves. If it is guided meditation, it is quite similar to guided imagery.

Past life regression is a state of trance, like hypnosis, in which the patient shares the images that come to them with the therapist. Depending on the story, the therapist guides the patient to move forward or backward in a lifetime or generates a corrective experience in that incarnation together with the patient.

In contrast, Karmic Constellation is done with eyes fully open.

Just like Family Constellation, Karmic Constellation deals with the acknowledgment of that which is and with resolving mix-ups. We lay down felts, stand on them, and see what comes up.

What can come up?

Emotions, feelings, images, thoughts, and even memories.

Simply by standing on felts and sharing what we see and feel, a scene from a past life may emerge, sometimes even more than one past life, and then we lay down more felts.

As a facilitator, I have no agenda. I do not know where a session will lead to, and I never aim for a particular outcome.

The patient is in complete control, with eyes open. It is their journey, not mine, and it is they who lead it, with my help.

Do we access the time between lives?

I once did.

When a patient has a traumatic memory from that period, we lay down felts for it and see what comes up.

I don’t deal with corrective experiences; I deal with releasing.

Releasing of contracts,

releasing of vows,

releasing of blockages

and the separation of past lives' energies from this present life.


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