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The Council between lives

In one of the recent Constellation Lab sessions, we investigated the encounter with the Council between lives.

We got together 2 men, 2 women, and one facilitator.

I’m mentioning this because the balance between masculine and feminine is significant, especially when I have never had 2 men together in the lab.

(In the picture: this is what it looks like with representations – me facing my council)

The questions I raised in the lab were:

The discourse with the council and the answers it will provide – what energy will they have?

What are the difference between past lives regression to the time between lives (LBL) and constellation sessions that will take us to that same time?

What is the difference, and is there any difference, between standing on my own felts and having others stand on my felts for me?

And a question raised by participants – what is my relationship with the council?

I did not get answers to all the questions and did not necessarily find common themes.

I did find out that the perception of a "heavenly court" (as presented in religion), before we even stood on the felts and faced the council, was very strong – I myself was reluctant to stand on my felts and wanted to leave the room.

But once I stood on my felts, all I felt was unconditional love, and I was willing to stand there forever if I were not the facilitator.

What did I learn?

  • When representatives take on the representations of the council, they take on a role. It seems very clear to everyone that each representation of the council has a role. This repeated itself with all participants.

  • I'm not sure if what they give off is the energy of representation or the energy of channeling – it felt different to me.

And the dialogue between the self and the council felt more like a channeling session – it was deep and strong.

  • Yes, there was a difference between when each of us stood on their own representation and when others stood on the representation of the council.

  • And most importantly, I’ve learned that with this subject, too, there is still much to explore and develop in the next Constellation Lab


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