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Canging karma between mother and son

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Sam, Nora's son, is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Any relationship with an autistic child is complex, but Nora felt that there was something more that was affecting their relationship, that was unrelated to autism but strongly related to her and Sam. She felt that in her relationship with her son there is something compulsive and exhausting, which requires financial and mental resources she doesn’t always have.

She went to see a channeler who told her that there was a karmic connection between her and Sam from another life. Wow!

This information provided Nora with inner peace and also allowed me and her to put together an action plan.

Clearing the karmic connection and having the relationship more in-tune with the present can create a new relationship, allowing for a greater mother and son presence here and now.

In the karmic aspect: Nora, ostensibly "pays for" or corrects her actions from a previous life.

In the here and now aspect: Nora is not the same woman from that previous life, and she does not have to pay for something she did not do. She can relinquish the strong inner belief that she “deserves it”, that she has a lesson to learn and that she needs to atone for what she did to Sam, even though they were in a different place, time and body.

Nora went through a process of karmic cleansing with me, in which Sam also participated (passively, he wasn’t physically present at the clinic) and consequently she felt that the tension between them receded and that their relationship changed.

In this day and age, we have the possibility to change, release and heal our lessons, with our children and in general.

We have the ability to communicate and generate karma-free relationships, with no previous baggage, which are consequently more open, flowing and simply better.

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