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Questions my father asked me about my karmic work

My father asked me two questions about the Karmic Constellation:

1.    Do you reach only one incarnation?

2.    Do I do sessions for myself?

I think these are very important questions, and I’m sure my father’s not the only one wondering about them, so here are my answers.

How many incarnations do we reach?

In a Karmic Constellation treatment session, I’ll usually get to only one incarnation. This is the most significant incarnation for the subject that we’re dealing with, so there’s no need to go to other incarnations.

Once we get to the source, to what created what is happening here and now – it creates a healing effect on all previous incarnations, and especially on our current incarnation.

However, there are times when I do want to reach multiple incarnations, to generate much more healing energy.

For example, in my father’s case, if I were treating him (and I'm not), when it comes to everything concerning health, I would take him to the Akashic records and connect him to the incarnations in which he lived and died healthy in his body; incarnations in which the body knew strength and resilience.

In such a case, I wouldn’t go into each and every incarnation. Instead, I’d draw energy from these incarnations and use them as resources for what’s happening today.

Do I do sessions for myself?

The answer is no, and yes.

I don't do for myself the kind of sessions I do for other. It’s very difficult to guide oneself and I haven’t trained students yet who can guide me (without me interfering).

Saying that, I sometimes do mini-sessions for myself, which allow me to learn more about things. In the Constellation Lab, I do investigate myself, and I do work with myself and for myself using previous incarnations. To do so, I use guided imagery and other tools, which at the end of the day enrich and heal me and the Karmic Constellation world.

If you, like my father, have questions about the Karmic Constellation and about me, please feel free to ask.

I’ll be happy to answer you.


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