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Parental Guidance and Channeling Don’t Really Go Together! (?)

Words that my business advisor said to me:

He sits down in my clinic and looks around.

He is my business advisor and this is our second meeting.

He says to me: “I have a problem with you. All this: a lit candle, a massage bed and concentrates of frequencies, all this doesn’t fit together with my image of you.

Parental guidance – yes.

Spirituality – less so.”

Nice to meet you, This is who I am.

But what can we do? This is who I am. I work in spirituality. Lived it and breathed it even before I began to be involved in parenthood.

I’ve been involved in personal development since 16.

I’ve worked in healing and channeling since I was 26 years old.

And I’ve began working in parenthood since I was 28.

This year I celebrated 40; you can do the math by yourselves.

Then yes, I’m a healer and a channels who deals in and is an expert in parental guidance.

The truth is that although they don’t seem that way, both fields go together well.

In future articles, I’ll introduce you into my world and share with you the methods and tools that I work with and how each of them helps me in my work and aids the parents who reach me.

So then, what is channeling

Channeling is the ability to see beyond what the person opposite me tells me. Channeling, in my opinion, does not deal in foreseeing the future, but in revealing the different layers of the present – those that the person opposite me has difficulty in seeing alone.

Channeling, as I experience it, has the goal of giving people tools and the direction for continuing their lives and to create order in the questions and interior mess that exists in their spirit and minds.

How does Channeling Support Parental Guidance

Many times, parents have an agenda or inflexible belief regarding their child: “he’s shy,” “he’s a coward,” “he’s naughty,” and more (yes, unfortunately, these agendas generally are not really positive). In channeling, I see the child (as he is). I see what he tries to say to his parents; I see the messages he tries to transmit, and I see why his parents don’t succeed in understanding.

I create a new intermediary between the parent and the child.

I give the parents suitable, personal tools for communicating with the child.

Some of the tools are the knowledge I’ve acquired and a some come from channeling (yes, channeling is not only highfalutin spiritual words).

Channeling, in my opinion, is a consulting tool. It helps me aid parents to draw closer and to connect with their children.

What I don’t do:

  • I don’t channel when will the child will marry

  • When he will father children

  • Whether he will be an honor student or not

  • And I don’t deal in health issues.

I do help parents to accept decisions at the crossroads in which they find themselves, in their doubts and in those places where they feel that they need an additional helping hand.

But to get to the essentials, channeling for me is a tool built for working in the clinic with parents who wish to improve their connection with their children, who understand that in order that this will happen, they are the ones that have to undergo a process and create a change within themselves.

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