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Our cosmic lineage

Our cosmic lineage is the accumulation of our incarnations on other planets, the places where we incarnated before our soul chose to incarnate on Earth.

Different souls reincarnated in different places. Some of us came from the Pleiades, some from the Arcturus, while others came from galaxies that do not yet have a name.

Those who came from the Pleiades, Arcturus, or Orion—were they on other planets before that?

I believe they were.

Our history as souls, on this planet and before this planet, is within us—in both the Akashic records of Earth, and in the cosmic Akashic records, which may be more correctly called the galactic records.

The lab is a research space, and the investigation we focused on was: Which lineage is significant for the various issues that we’re dealing with in our lives?

I wanted to explore for myself the subject of connecting to emotions.

When I set up a representer for connection to emotions, it was most interested in the representer of the cosmic lineage, which was also really happy about it. To my cosmic lineage, it felt like “Finally, you’re doing your job.”

The representer of connection to emotions looked to my cosmic lineage and waited for salvation to come from there. It felt like all the resources were in it.

At the same time, when one of the participants in the lab stood on the representer of my cosmic lineage, she felt that she wanted to move on, but her hands were tied back, and she couldn’t.

While that participant was standing on the represention of my family lineage, I stood on connection to emotions and presented them.

I felt like a disillusioned child; like a woman who has realized that no white knight is coming to save her—only she will save herself.

And although my cosmic lineage is within me, a part of me, salvation is not within it.

I slowly turned around and looked at my family lineage and my soul lineage, and the more willing I was to look, the more I realized that the answer I was looking for lay precisely where my greatest difficulty lies—in my family lineage—the lineage that is the hardest for me to look at.

And it is with my family lineage that I have to do work, not with my soul or cosmic lineages.

When we worked on the other participant’s issue, she found that the resources and help she needed were actually in the Akashic-soul records.

It was just the two of us, so I can’t come to any firm conclusions here.

Saying that, as soon as we raised an issue that concerns us in the space—we both experienced that our family lineages were the most dominant of the three, and that our cosmic lineages were the least significant.

So, I think that means something.


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