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Our 24th chromosome

A few months ago, I heard Kryon talking about our 24th chromosome. According to Kryon, this is a quantum chromosome and now is a good time to activate it.

“Hmmm...,” I thought to myself, “I wonder what’ll happen if we place a felt/representor for it.”

Kryon claims to be quantic? Excellent.

Let’s see what this means, how it feels, whether we can even activate it, and how we can activate it.

So, I opened my diary and set a date for the Systemic Lab, which will deal with the 24th chromosome.

We met in the lab to investigate.

Each woman brought what she was interested in investigating, and in the end, I decided to investigate the activation of the chromosome.

We set up a felt to represent I/me, and another felt to represent “the 24th chromosome inside me.

We stood on them and checked what the sensations and emotions that arose were.

Each of us experienced a different world, different experiences, different sensations and emotions.

I experienced the 24th chromosome as large, as coming out of my body, and that I/me is not of any interest to it.

As the quantum chromosome, I lacked the connection to my source, to who created me, so I set up a representation for the source: Those who created the chromosome.

At the same time, each participant set up a representation for something that emerged from the field and was missing in the Constellation.

When the source arrived, the chromosome became grounded.

Suddenly it did see I/me, communication could be created, and a connection was made.

It felt like the big soul and the small soul, and that the two needed to be merged.

At this stage, we set up a representation for What the chromosome needs in order to be activated, and we stood on this representation.

For me, what came up was that I need an open heart and willingness to accept, so I set up representations for Open heart and Willingness to accept.

I stood on them.

A deep gratitude came up in me for my father who passed away and cleared the way for me (I have no idea how and what, he wasn’t at all connected to this world but that’s the first thing that came up), and then my heart opened.

At this stage, I set up a representation for the activation itself.

Some of the participants felt that they needed it, and some felt that just setting up What the chromosome needs for its activation was enough for them.

I stood on I/me.

It was magical.

The paper cannot absorb the experience, all the colors, messages, and information that arose in me.

I’ll narrow it down and say that it was, in fact, a process of initiation – we opened a multidimensional frequency within ourselves, and I merged with my past lives, with my knowledge from Lemuria, with my knowledge from the Pleiades, and from the stars.

I was one, and the energy moved within me and drove me.

The experience on the 24th chromosome was one of openness.

I am the light, I am one with the light, and I’m ready for the spirit’s instructions for me.

Even now, as I write these words, I still have these feelings inside me.

What will this investigation lead to? I don’t know.

What kind of initiation was it? I also don’t know.

I do know that it was unexpected, fulfilling, fun, connecting, and enriching.

And above all, I like the fact that I wanted to investigate something and found myself in the midst of a powerful energetic initiation.


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