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My first constellation with the Akashic Records

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

This post was written after the first time I did constellation with the Akashic Records.

March 2018: The experience yesterday was so overwhelming that it will probably take me a while to digest it.

Maybe putting it into words will ground the energy inside me.

For 15 years now I have been following a person named Lee Carroll, who is channeling an entity called Kryon. He is the only channeler I listen to and Kryon’s messages, personally, heal my heart.

Every time Lee Carroll visits Israel and I sit in the auditorium listening to his messages, I promise myself that this time I will do a healing workshop. All of me reverberates with a desire to bring healing and change.

This passes after about 24 hours, when I am faced with a less spiritual reality.

But the desire still exists within me.

Whenever I read his messages on the Akashic records—something in me shifts.

It’s one of those moments when I feel I’m reading the truth but lack the tools to implement what I’m reading.

Yesterday, we met at a constellation_lab. Eight exceptional women came to explore together with me how to integrate the tasks of healing and transformation with the Akashic Records and Constellation method.

To tell the truth, I thought the subject was so strange that I would be alone.

About two weeks ago, when I paid for the place, I told myself the payment was necessary to anchor the energy, to create a reality, and to show that I was committed to myself.

I prepared myself for financial loss, as well.

I still can’t believe that eight women attended.

I still can’t believe we experienced two transformative sessions.

Working with the Records is so different (challenging because it’s like an additional language to Constellation) and it's gives me new ways to heal the human soul.

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