meeting with the council between lives

When I was thinking of the #Constellation_Lab in the context of meeting with the council between lives, it was after hearing a short session by Rob Schwartz. So today we met in person to explore.

The flower with the people is me in front of my council.

I note two men and two women (and one facilitator) because, for me, this balance between male and female has meaning (especially when I have never had two men together in the lab. The questions I came to the lab were: * The answers and the dialogue with the council - what energy will they have? * What is the difference between regression between incarnations (LBL) and a constellation that will get us there? * Is there a difference between whether I stand on my representation or whether others represent for me? And a question brought from the participants - what is my relationship with the council. I did not get answers to all the questions and did not necessarily find common themes.

I found that the perception of a "superior court" (that is intimidating) even before we got on the felts and on the council is very strong- I personally did not want to get on my felt at all but to leave the room, but after I stood on the "I" felt, I sensed unconditional love. I would have stayed there forever if I had not been the facilitator.

What did I learn? I learned that when representatives go on the felt of the council, they go into a role. As if it is obvious to everyone that every representation on the council has a role. This was repeated with all participants (everyone got a mini session). I learned that I'm not sure that what they had expressed is the energy of representing or energy of channeling - it felt different to me. And the dialogue between the "I" and the council was more like when we went to a channeling session.

It was deep. It was strong. And there was a difference between when we each represent to ourselves and when others represent the council. And yes, here too, there is still something to continue to explore and develop.

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