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Me and my soul

We are in a workshop on karmic constellation, and I divide the participants into pairs. One is "I," and the other is "my soul."

We start working.

When I first started this exercise, I was surprised to discover that there was no connection between "I" and "my soul" many times.

Over time, I learned that it is a process and that it depends on the day, time, topic, and what happened before we laid the fabrics.

I also learned that it has nothing to do with the fact that the person is a channeller or has never connected to his soul.

One of the magic of karmic work is the ability to see how our soul responds to different situations and how all kinds of elements affect the soul, even if they do not affect the 'I,' and vice versa.

Our soul is not us, and we are not just our soul.

There is often a disconnect between the two, and many times there is a connection.

Different things that happen in our lives impact our relationship with the soul.

Here is an exercise that illustrates this excellently:

Put a representation for you, and in front of you, a representation for your soul.

Represent yourself and notice what the feeling is, then go and represent the soul and see what the feeling is.

Next, take a topic for an issue you are concerned with and put it in space.

Now go again to your representation and then to the representation of the soul -

What has changed?

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