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Kids using Family Constellation

A few years ago, Zohar, my middle daughter (12.5 years old): "Mom, today I told my friend something you taught me a few years ago."

Me, curiously: "What is that?".

In my mind, I'm going for relaxation exercises I learned from emotional regulation and trauma therapy.

Zohar: "Her mother went to see the school's security guard, and she was afraid that something would happen to her mother, so I told her (we ware boomed that morning from Gaza), it's your mother's job to worry for you, not the other way around."


I shared this idea with my daughter about 4 years ago, when she was 8. We were on a trip to Thailand, and she kept worrying about me.

Me, after recovering from the shock: "Well, did it help her? Did she calm down?".

Zohar: "Yes."


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