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Karmic Healing - How old are you?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

How old are you?

And your soul?

Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine you were born hundreds of thousands of years


In these hundreds of thousands of years of life, you have gathered knowledge, feelings,

emotions and experience. You knew people, you visited countries and continents, you

gathered wealth and also lived in poverty. You fought and won, and you fought and lost; you were even taken captive. You had excellent relationships based on tremendous love and also

married for convenience or spent your life as a single person. You took vows of celibacy as

monks and nuns and brought masses of children for the sake of procreation, or perhaps

simply because there were no contraceptives at the time.

Imagine that you were born hundreds of thousands of years ago, not as a human being, not

as you are today, but as a soul.

A soul that was born out of divinity itself, that materialized and descended into this world

countless times, to experience all of this and more.

And now imagine that everything you have experienced, all the good and all the bad, is

recorded in a huge hall, a hall named The Akashic Records.

This hall may also be called the Cosmic Library, or Reshimu, as it is called in Kabbalah.

These Akashic Records are where every experience you have ever had as souls is recorded.

And as we descend as souls into this incarnation, these Akashic Records have a very great

impact on us and our conduct.

These records contain all the knowledge, memories and experiences that shape our karma,

the contracts we have signed before coming down to this incarnation, and the initial energy

with which we begin this incarnation.

I believe that karma can be changed, contracts can be rescinded and our initial energy can

be changed.

I work with the Akashic Records through Karmic Constellation and other tools, in order to

produce change in my clients' lives, whether they are people who define themselves as

spiritual or not, and whether they've heard of the Akashic Records or this is their first time.

Working with the Akashic Records allows each of us to be exposed to information, which

often, unconsciously, hinders us.

Exposure to such information and additional information allows us to break free from what

is holding us back, to move forward, and to bring change in our lives.

To heal our mental and physiological pains.

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