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Karmic Constellation? What is it anyway?

Karmic Constellation is a method of therapy I have developed over the past two years and which I am still developing.

It is the culmination of about 20 years of work and studies in the fields of energy healing, trauma, and of course, Family Constellation.

Family Constellation is a therapy method that deals with revealing family systems (constellations) in people's subconscious - also referred to as the family field. When one gets to know his or her family constellation, one can change their life and dispel the unconscious effects of their family field on them.

Karma is the accumulation of energies (experiences, emotions, sensations, memories) from past lives, with which we came into this life.

Karma may also be explained as cause and effect: if a person hurts another in a past life, they may switch roles in this life, only for its lesson.

Karma may also be about learning: things you were unable to learn in a past life may happen again and even in a stronger manner for you to get the lesson.

We are currently in an age of choice. The past is not necessarily the future. We may change our karma if we choose to.

Our lessons, our learning, our suffering - we can choose differently.

Karmic Constellation is, therefore, our karmic disposition.

In its journey to this incarnation, our soul has gone through many ordeals: entire lives, memories, traumas, and pain, as well as successes, abundance, and love.

This exists as knowledge of the soul which is often inaccessible to us.

Karmic Constellation allows you to access this knowledge in a simple and practical way.

It lets us unveil and recognize the structures and patterns that created our current karma, and out of this recognition – to release them.

To release soul contracts, soul vows, recurring relationships, past lives, and more.

What would you like to know about Karmic Constellation?

I'll be happy to answer!


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