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Karmic Constellation as therapy

There’s a form of therapy you should absolutely experience that releases anything that weighs you down or blocks you in life quickly and efficiently.

Karmic Constellation is a unique form of therapy that allows access to all the energy you have gathered in past lives to release it and move forward in this life.

Constellation – is the way elements are arranged.

Karma – is the sum of your energies (experiences, emotions, sensations, memories) from previous lives, with which you came to this life.

On its journey to this life, your soul has undergone a multitude of experiences: entire lives, memories, traumas, pain and joy, abundance and love.

These soul experiences are within us but often inaccessible to us.

Karmic Constellation allows access to these experiences and knowledge in a simple and practical way.

With this method, we can examine and become aware of the structures and patterns that created our current karma, and out of this awareness release them.

What can we release?

Soul contracts

Soul vows

Repetitive relationships

Previous lives

And more...

Karmic constellation is a therapy method I have developed over the past four years and which I am still developing.

It is the result of about 20 years of work and learning in the field of energy healing, trauma, and family constellation.

If you have the desire to generate change, relief, and improvement in your life through a short process that doesn’t take years – I invite you to come and experience or learn Karmic Constellation firsthand.

Contact me for more details.

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