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Is it possible to change karma, and is this something anyone can do?

I used to think the answer to both was yes: You can change karma, and yes, anyone can change their karma. That’s until my father passed away and I realized that no.

For example, for my father, a large part of his karma was to be who he was, right up to the bitter and painful end.

Why? Because for his soul, that was the most correct thing and in its best interest.

My father taught me that not everyone can change their karma.

And not only him, my friend Nechama (a pseudonym) too, who came to do a Karmic Constellation session with me.

We worked on a soul lesson related to excess weight, and the soul lesson specifically said that it’s not prepared to change, that that’s what he came to learn here, and that’s what drives personal development.


I think about these two cases, contemplate them, and I stop and realize – there are things that are “bigger” than us, bigger than human perception.

They were created for a greater purpose than our lives in the here and now, and we’re too “small” to understand or see the full picture.


So no, not everyone can change their karma and not every issue that we want to resolve in our lives can really be resolved.

Why? God has the answers. Although I believe that the very understanding of this and the very acceptance of the broader perspective is in itself healing and liberating.


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