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Innate inner wisdom

What did I learn from 2 Constellation Lab sessions about innate wisdom?

According to Kryon, our innate wisdom lies within our body and affects our physical and soul health.

It is connected to the Akashic records and can actively retrieve information from them.

It knows when we are sick even before the body shows we are sick.

In homeopathy, according to Kryon, our innate wisdom is what gets the "commands" from the remedy.

In kinesiology, when we perform a muscle test to get information about something – our innate wisdom is what gives us the information.

I assume that a pendulum works in the same way, with our innate wisdom moving our fingertips to give us information.

Our innate wisdom listens to us.

Since most of us don’t talk with our innate wisdom – it is passive and acts based on the soul’s initial plan. It can access the Akashic Records and retrieve information about our previous lives and apply it to our current lives.

But when we develop our awareness and start talking with it – it works according to our programming.

It then affects the cells in the body and our cellular memory and can even change our cellular memory.

So this is what I’ve learned in the two lab sessions I held on the subject:

  • I’ve learned that our innate wisdom is related to the “self,” to our biology, our DNA, to the Akashic Records, and that it is part of our soul.

  • I’ve learned that our innate wisdom wants to be recognized. It wants to communicate with the self.

  • I’ve learned that when there is a connection between the self and the innate wisdom, then the innate wisdom feels like it is moving and expanding.

And when there is connection and communication, the innate wisdom is driven to work and produce change for the self.

  • I have learned that when the Akashic Records come into the picture, they often generate a shift and change in the innate wisdom’s energy and forms a connection between them.

  • I have learned that a connection with our innate wisdom is a better connection with ourselves, and when we have a good connection with our innate wisdom, we can generate change in our lives.

  • I have learned that our innate wisdom is a very large and very esoteric subject, and therefore it takes time to have it seen and felt with the linear tools of human beings. We need more sessions and labs to understand this better.


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