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I want my mother to be the adult, so that I can be the little girl...

We are in a karmic constellation session about soul contracts, and are starting to place representations:

For her, for her soul, for her mother, for her mother's soul, and for the contract she has with her mother.

Different stories emerge, the most significant of which is the issue of balance between energies.

Throughout our session, the field is filed with disturbances:

The client's internet connection causes problems.

I suddenly I hear a noise from outside the window, like a fanfare, and it takes me out of focus.

One of my students complains about noise and it turns out that my microphone, which was fine until five minutes ago, started making noises which made it hard to hear me.

I acknowledge this, speak of it and come to see that this is part of the story.

Even if I don't know what exactly the story is.

It then finally emerged:

For my mother to be the adult, I have to agree to be the child.

But it's not that simple.

Actually, in most cases it’s not simple at all.

In this session we found out that although this is what the soul chose to learn – that mom is the adult and I'm a small child – it is very difficult for it to be in that place. It needs the client to practice being there.

Spiritual lessons are materialized here - in the incarnation of the soul in a physical body.

The soul needs us to go through whatever it needs to go through.

Whether its power struggles or whether it's learning to be balanced, or powerful, or sensitive or intellectual – with anything the soul seeks to learn, it needs a physical body.

It is the client's job to agree to be a child, and since the field was filled with objections, I knew, and the client also knew, that the process will be complex and that she will have to practice it.

She doesn't need it to be perfect.

And she doesn't need to ‘complete the task in the best possible manner’.

She just has to agree to be, and practice that agreement.

The very agreeing and practicing are signs that one is walking the path of the soul’s lesson,

which is what the client asked for.



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