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I vow to you

"Seriously, I vow to you!"

I hear this a lot from my children (whatever happened to the simple swear or promise?).

A vow is a powerful commitment that involves much doing.

We usually take a vow for something or someone.

Parents, for example, vow to give their lives or take on a religious lifestyle for the sake of a sick child's health. Some of us vow to ourselves: if this and that happens, then I'll do that and this. Some people even take vows of abstinence: from food, sex, alcohol, smoking, from relationships.

The way I see it, vows are part of free choice, not part of our spiritual contract, yet they affect it a lot.

Let's say I took a vow of celibacy in a past life - to be married only to God and give my life to him.

If this vow is powerful, it may "follow" me down to another life with a great impact.

In this case, I will have thoughts like "I must not get married," or my actions will be such that will destroy anything related to my relationships because that vow's energy will always be in the background.

The greatest problem with vows from previous lives is that we don’t always know they are there. They greatly influence our lives and behavior, but we're often completely oblivious to them. They lay in our shadows.

Where there are unresolved vows – most therapy sessions will be futile. Vows have powerful energy. They are like reinforced concrete walls, separating between us and a beautiful garden.

Nevertheless, how can one determine whether they carry a vow from a previous life?

When there's an issue that's stagnant for years, when you fail at something over and over and over again, even though you very much want it.

This may imply that you're dealing with an ancient vow.

What can you do?

Rabbis know how to annul vows from your current life. If you've taken a vow in this life and you want to annul it - it is not a bad idea to go to see a rabbi.

But what about vows from previous lives? And what about lives in which you weren't even Jewish?

Karmic Constellation allows anyone to annul their vows from previous lives that gently impede their current lives.

It can be in an individual session or a workshop.

The vow is annulled, and the wall breaks down, generating the possibility of bringing new energy into one's life.


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