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I didn't want to come to this life at all

"My guidance is what pushed me here, to this incarnation. I did not want to come at all, "my client tells me.

She has anger. She feels they have been wronged, forced, and perhaps even pushed here to come here.

She feels cheated by her guidance.

She puts felts on the floor, standing on the representation of the soul, and

looks at the representation of the guides.

And her face changes.

Significant love rises there, and understanding.

Suddenly the story changes and changes its course.

No one pushed her, and no one forced her. It was a joint decision.

Choice of the soul, determined in consultation with the guidance.

It's always amazing and exciting to see,

How working with representations can change a story you have told yourself for years.

How working with representations changes the perception from victims - "made you, forced you," to take personal responsibility - "I chose".

Then suddenly-

The worst parents you have? They are basically your choice.

The annoying husband you're married to? It is your soul choice.

Anyone around you that you are having a hard time with him? He is actually 'working' in the service of your personal-soul development.

You are not a victim of life. You chose this life.

And when you see it for yourself - an internal process of change begins.

The point of view changes, and the behavior of life changes as well.


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